Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Arum Lily Moment

These tall standing lilies are so beautiful and fresh!


  1. These cala lilies are my fav.

    Hey CY, did you get any sleep to post all these entries, 1001????

    You are worst than me, when I visit a place, I like to post some entries, but I have to hand it to you.

    KA PAI aka good job. I wasn't wrong when I was a form 1 kid when I knew this CY was a special person, I should say, to be my mentor.

  2. Hi Ann
    I am quite a sticker to my computer table...If I count one post a day I need one thousand and one days....so I need to speed it up...I took more than 1200 photos...good and bad...my friends will share with me theirs too.

    But I have a notebook too to capture those moments. Wish I have a Blackberry!! Well one can't be too wishful.

    Enjoy my photos and thank you for your compliments. This old gal has some tricks up her sleeves...hehehehe. And may you too have lots of blessings coming your way...