Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Busselton Long Jetty

We used Busselton as a base for a three day two night DIY holiday.

We got in rather late on the first day. It then dawned on us that businesses in Australia did not do long hours. We have to orientate ourselves to day shopping and once a week late night shopping. This time round we hoped against hope that a Busselton supermarket would be open. We were pleasantly surprise that one was opened and we bought our groceries. This was to lead us to two good home cooked dinners in our lovely self-contained apartment in Busselton.

However while there was still daylight left I had several glorious moments of photographing the famous Busselton Long Jetty. Miri my present hometown used to have a lovely Colonial period long jetty. But it is all gone in the name of development.

Here is a nice photo with a Chinese lady walking in front of me. It is not often you find Asians in the southern part of WA. But I believe there are quite a few Asian families in Busselton.

What a nice way to end a long day!

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