Monday, October 12, 2009

Goat curry

Goat curry is not very common in Malaysia and especially in Sarawak where goats are still quite foreign to most communities. At the most goats are reared in very small or experimental numbers.

In most rural areas or kampongs of Sarawak the Kedayan farmers have one or two goats. The Ibans are not known as goat farmers nor are the Bisayas . The Chinese are not fond of goats as these animals are too naughty and could destroy most of the subsistence crops.

Today however with a lot of encouragement from the government goats are being reared in enclosed pens in Miri and Bintulu areas.

So I was impressed by the goat curry served every day in this little Indian shop. So eating goat meat in Perth is truly memorable. It was a lovely breakfast - and a very nice treat too from John. Looks like we Malaysians do eat like kings and queens for breakfast!

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