Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mundo Delight

Small is beautiful. One established idea strikes me in Perth : many of the great names or good brands actually have a small "homelike" outlet for tourists to visit. There is usually a little cafe for the tourists to rest and many samples for them to taste. The decorations are usually well appointed and attractive. Everything is neatly arranged and cleanliness is top notch. This is a sustainable and intelligent way of doing business.

It is so delightful to visit Mundo Delight! The nougats are fantastic and it is worth buying a few packets home.


  1. some people are artistic, like the owner of your car, this evening, I saw a sports car as though it was a Union jack.

  2. Yes indeed!
    In Malaysia the patriotic ones paint the Malaysian flag on their cars during the month of August to celebrate Independence!!
    I remember a photo of a car with a painting of Marilyn Monroe on it.