Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busselton Jetty Museum and Shop

Busselton Rotary Club

Hi Florence (Enau) - I was thinking of you and how you always help the needy back home.....when I took this ...

Rotary Club always reminds me of you and your good work!!

Look like fish and taste like fish....

I found out that these baits look like fish and even taste like fish! Probably they sound like fish too!

But it is not fish....

A Crocodile Dundee Smile

He was a friendly stranger a traveller would meet . He showed me his baits which were very foreign to me. And as a parting gesture I wanted to take a photo of him and his lovely hat.

But it was his smile that captured the significant moment.

Thanks mate for the smile in the thickening darkness and the creeping cold on the Busselton jetty!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Putting Bait On Moment

From BD Mail : Our Oldest Bookworm

Our oldest bookworm

28/10/2009 10:03:00 AM
MEET Busselton’s oldest bookworm, possibly the oldest in Australia.Most people don’t read too many books in a year. Peggy Allmark reads at least four a week – and she’s 101.
“I always use Busselton Library,” she said. “They have a wonderful collection of books.”
Peggy has a preference for mysteries, not “sloppy love stories”.
Two of her favourite authors are Di Morrissey and Dick Francis.
Busselton deputy librarian Patti Bolt said the library did what it could to assist Peggy with her books, while Cathy Lord assists where she can when Peggy gets to the library, which she prefers to do.
“I’d much rather pick my own books,” she said.
She enjoys Di Morrissey because of her Australian themes.
So what was the attraction with Dick Francis, who writes whodunits based on horse racing?
It may have something to do with the fact they are both English, but Peggy admits to enjoying horse racing.
“I like to watch races on TV,” she said.
Which led to the inevitable question, did she have a fancy in the Melbourne Cup next Tuesday?
“I think Bart Cummings will get the trifecta (he has already won the Caulfield Cup and Cox Plate). I think he is a wonderful man.”
As for reading so many books, Peggy admits that it’s what keeps her going.
“I pretty well read all day,” she said. I don’t go to bed until 10pm. Mind you, I do find myself dropping off every now and then.”
And when she’s not reading a book she is into crosswords.
Only a few months short of turning 102, Busselton couldn’t have a better ambassador for Seniors Week than Peggy Allmark.
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