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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sea View

Life is good here. There is beauty and there are friendly people. But most important of all, people live a healthy life, respecting cleanliness, orderliness and propriety.

It is nice to meet people who are happy and so sincerely calling out "Good morning!!"

Day out with son at Hilary's Point

Hilary's Point is a lovely place. When my grandfather migrated from Fujian to Sarawak, he had to walk to Fuzhou city from his village in Minqing. After that I was told the pioneering team had more walking to do towards Mawei to board a bigger ship to sail to Nanyang.

I was brought up to respect water and the sea especially. Southern Sea was a place of hope and fortune. If you worked hard enough you will find a road to a better life.

I therefore make a wish that my son too will find that Huo Lu or Living Road, to a better life of his choice.