Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

An Orchid Moment

Two Foochow Ladies from Sitiawan and their spouses from Perlis and Kelantan

Two Sitiawan Foochow ladies met up in Perth - they are all married to men from outside Sitiawan - on the left - Man from Kelantan. On the right - man from Perlis. Interesting.

A Grass Tree

This was once called the Black Boy. But today being more politically correct we call it Grass Tree. Correct me if I am wrong please.


Close Encounter with Sunflower

Tank for Rainwater

Lavender in the Lawn

Lovely Yellow Flowers

A Gated Property

Fencing is Needed in Rockingham

Lovely Wisteria in Bull Creek Moment

Timothy Liaw from Lawas

This is our "elder" brother who has travelled far and wide in Sarawak as a Divisional Engineer and as DE of Sarikei he supervised the burial of the unclaimed bodies from the Pulau Kidjang Tragedy . He remains a faithful servant of God and will see his sons serving God selflessly like him and his wife.

We were warmly welcomed by him and his wife to their lovely home in Bull Creek.

This is a Soap for any one with a sense of humour.

this is really a good one!! For those who have a great sense of humour! Enjoy.

Jangan marah oh!

Handmade Soap

Western Australia is famous for handmade soaps. This one I bought for my son. Nice name.

Farm Dog

Cotton Wool Clouds over Bunbury

Whaling - Moby Dick?

Mangrove Cove

Beautiful Pumpkins

Wine Barrels for Sale

The Forbidden Fruit

Wine Barrel

something labelled for you.....

Halved Wine Barrels - We can deliver to Perth

Pasture Land

Horses Keeping Warm in Winter

Jams and More Jams from Capel

Pretty Plants for Sale with Good Labels

Wheelbarrows in different sizes

Capel Hardware & Farm Supplies

Good that businesses use the word "thrifty". Farmers the world over have generally been thrifty in their attitude.

Apex Parkl

A small park by the river side attracts walkers and picnickers. The river has become dry in winter when rainfall was minimal in West Australia.

Pretty Brickworks and Hedges

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Capel Bridge with Tree Trunks as Support

Small Path leading to a Church

Capel Public Library

Capel's Community Centre

Capel Senior Citizens

One Storied Shops - Nice doors.

Sausage Making in Capel

WE had a very interesting lesson in the making of sausages.

This is Phil twisting the sausages and making them into little loops.

Here's a few minutes' work - a pile of sausages. Our human hands can do wonders.

Here's Bluey with his hand made sausage (Chilli beef sausage)