Thursday, October 22, 2009

When Sarawakians Get Together - they can only sizzle

Second dish - Aunt Menai's Octopus Salad ( her citrus juice is well preserved in iced citrus cubes in May's freezer.

Turkish bread with filling - excellent selection.
Pizza - always a welcome dish for children.
Special Mee Hoon cooked by Menai
Malaysian chilies and Mediterranean olives - Just fusion!
Titi made excellent cup cakes - using M & Ms. Wonderful!!
Fresh bread from a local bakery - our children are beginning not to rely on rice all the time. Good news as the price of rice has rocketed.
Last dish :Borrowed a photo from Deliciousmagazine - The photo of my son's roast leg of lamb did not turn out right. As usual his slow roasting would turn the leg of lamb into a delicious melt in the mouth lamb. No left overs.

It was a fun night eating alfresco - in the cold evening we were glad that there was a nice heater ....a wonderful night as usual - Manchester United played a game right after our dinner and as the men went to their tv the ladies talked late into the night.

And as always May packed a lot of food for us to take away.

Many of my photos taken on this occasion did not turn out well because the battery were low.

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