Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vasco da Gama and Perth

According to our Malaysian school history books Vasco da Gama was a great Portuguese sailor and explorer. He was the one who opened up the East for westerners.

But truth be told. He never set foot on Australia.

The inscription :

This Memorial was unveiled on 28th June 1997
Made possible with the generous assistance and support of
The Portuguese Government
The Honary W.A. Portuguese Consul
The Portuguese Community
The City of Fremantle
Celebrate W.A.
John da Silva (Bell-Vista)

Ceramicist Edgar Nailor
Sculptor Ciare Bailey
Designer John Kirkness

So why the memorial?

It could have been a politically motivated attempt to capture the Portuguese migrants' votes.

May be that is why we have the Cheng Ho monument in Miri...Cheng Ho never set foot on Sarawak too. We have Jalan Cheng Ho in Kuching too. These must have been used to capture the Chinese votes......

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