Sunday, October 18, 2009

To the Fisherman

I was a little late coming in - the skies were darkening when I took this photo.

Incredibly simple and pure tribute : "To the Fisherman".

Fremantle's Memorial Jetty

The contribution of Western Australian's pioneering and modern-day professional fishermen has been officially recognised at a memorial jetty at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

The jetty acknowledges and pays homage to the perseverance and hard work of the fishermen who began what is now a billion dollar industry of which Fremantle and Western Australia are justly proud. The project was led by fishermen and the sons of fishermen who wished to honour their forefathers and ensure their names were remembered.

Situated near the site of the original south jetty, it features 2 life-size bronze sculptures of fishermen, a map of the coastline showing traditional fishing grounds and a short history on the industry's colourful history.

Western Australia's early fishermen worked hard and often in dangerous conditions. They helped create an internationally respected modern industry and gave Fremantle much of its character and charm.

Twelve timber columns on the jetty carry the names of the 608 fishermen who pioneered the industry at Fremantle.

The project was made possible through the energy of Claude Basile, Ross Merlino and Guido Micalizzi, the sons of three pioneering fishermen at Fremantle.

The Department played a significant role in this project - chairing the organising committee of the Fremantle Fishermen's Memorial and providing design and technical assistance during construction.

The project represents an achievement for the whole community, and was made possible by donations of cash, labour, materials and professional expertise by the State Government, fishermen and their families, the private sector and the Fremantle City Council.

The Department, which manages the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour in close consultation with the local fishing industry, provided $110,000 to the memorial jetty from the Small Craft Facilities Trust Fund.

The monument was designed by local artists Jon Tarry and Greg James.

Makes me think that Sibu should have a memorial jetty too and names of the first rubber tappers should be inscribed on some posts. Lest we forget.

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