Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thai and Chinese Fusion Dinner

(The whole spread on a lovely Chinese Rosewood table for 10 people)- there were desserts later)

Thai salad dressing.

Cauliflower and broccoli with seafood chowder sauce.

Thai salad with peanut topping.l

Foochow minced pork toufoo.

It was a pleasure cooking up a Thai and Chinese Fusion Dinner - I was too busy cooking but only managed to take these few photos.

I made a lovely chili and fish gravy salad dressing a winner of the evening for the Angmos as well as the West Malaysians who ate their first East Malaysian prepared dishes!!

My Shanghai Braised Dark Pork Knuckle was another winner. First dish on the left clockwise.

The Foochow minced pork and tou foo was great as I managed to buy silky Singapore toufoo. Went very well with the pork knuckle.

My hostess Angie cooked a great beef stir fry with Perth grown vegetables. The family having come from a Nyonya background have excellent cooking skills. The beef was very tender.

Another friend did her Tumeric Chicken in the oven which came out really crunchy and heavenly and of course oven fresh!!

A very easy dish to make when you have lots of people around is a cauliflower and brocoli cooked with a seafood chowder sauce. I will keep you guessing about the recipe. Squids come in neat packets in Perth so with a bit of prawns and mussels this is an easy dish.

I told my host that a lovely kitchen like hers would always be blessed with lots of food and good friends.

It was as case of three cooks not spoiling the soup.


  1. What a coincidence, I taught my daughter to make the Thais salad dressing, it is also Vietnamese Rice rolls dressing. We used lemon instead of lime because I am too stingy for buy the very expensive lime.

    The kids were too lazy to make little dandy rolls, so they made what we (Cantonese) in Sibu Foochow rolls.

    BTW, you probably have heard the Foochow saying," HA MA JIN DOUI" Very big size? Every where I went, when I tell people I am from Sibu, they ask me if I am a Foochow, 2 reasons they give, People from Sibu are always Foochows, I am "HA MA JIN DOUI" Hope you understand my foochow.

  2. You have a pretty shape ha ma jin choon - is aka you are big. Got it....
    It is better than ha mah jin duai/duoi. Or shape is big.
    My ha ma kuo duai (too big) hahahahaha. I need to slim down actually or my ankles will fall apart. I am sure you are pretty dainty. Your sis and I were about the same size before. (12)or WAS it 10? (sigh...)