Monday, October 12, 2009

No Bird

A popular car rental service in Perth. Actually called Bayswater Car Rentals it can offer very good rates. Phone no. 08 9325 1000. No frills but the car is really new.

We got ours from Adelaide Terrace.

Young people pay more for car rentals. Seniors pay less. Nice deal.


  1. You are the second person today who admit that we are senior.

    When I tell my students that I am over 50, they say," YOU ARE OLD!!!!!!" then they say, you look 40 LOL.

    Re: Siamese twins fruits, my mum won't let us eat them, our cantonese reasoning, we will get Siamese twins.

  2. Hi Ann
    I think "old" and am often caught saying "AS an old lady....I" and my children get upset telling me not to say things like that....bless their heart.
    But senior citizens do get good deals.
    Holiday Inn in Miri (now another name) used to have a lunch called "Grandmothers eat free". cheers to that.

  3. As shown in pic this car is look nice and new and hiring is better option is better option in my opinion.Car rent Adelaide