Monday, October 12, 2009

Chocolate Tasting

Visiting a chocolate factory in Perth is a real treat for the family. While the tourists buy some chocolates everyone would have a good chance to try all the chocolates produced in this factory. One can eat as much as one likes if one's skin is thick enough.


  1. I LOL at your last sentence, even before I read it, I wanted to tell you, here we have a tuna fish ad on TV, there is this sampling counter, a person went back again and again to sample the free morsel.

    Better not sample too much chocolate, susah your poor waist line, and I presume your husband didn't go on the trip with you?

  2. Hi Ann
    Yes you presume right. Hubby is not a tourist - ever. I am observer and writer - and he is the end of the stick. Sometimes I am too light headed for his liking even! I find interest even in a piece of glass. He sees facts facts and more facts. And everything must be very proper for him. Even taking photographs.

    Yeah...I can have a thick skin - but only sometimes - for the good of everyone. Like in a lift when no one wants to budge to let an old lady with a big bag get out...I will say will the lady in pretty earrings nearest to the door please step out for a moment. I will save your space for you since I am big enough for two!!