Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bosc Pear

Which one would you pick?

The brown one or the red one?

I remember many boys in my school would talk to the prettiest girls wearing pink ribbons. Those plainer girls had no suitors.

So when I choose my puppies - I choose the ugliest prune faced one. When I choose a bitter gourd - I would choose the one with a little dent. Just me maybe for decision making.

I chose the brown one this time and let my friends take the red ones.

Underneath the brown fairly unaatractive skin is a succulent pear - just sweet enough and extremely juicy. Many are prejudiced against it. Even the skin can be eaten. So no need to peel. In Europe it is called a Kaiser pear. Sometimes it is also referred to as the Aristocratic pear.

A pear beyond comparision. Not available yet in Malaysia.


  1. Go for the brown bosc pear!!! It has a nice fruity scent to it, on top of its natural sweetness. It's the best pear I've tasted. Goes to show - never judge by the skin.

  2. Yeah you are so right!!

    Never judge by the skin. Cheers. And also never be too quick to judge something.