Monday, October 12, 2009

Arriving in Perth - 5 degrees

30th Sept 2009

I am wondering why we have this kind of anxiety upon arrival. What stuff would be confiscated? I think I have been advised enough not to bring anything that could be confiscated. We have things to declare like "fried ikan bilis" and "mee sua" which have no eggs in the content.


  1. Australia airports, rather Brisbane airport to be specific, is not my favourite airport.

    Now, I don't want to take anything to avoid : NA FAN"

  2. The ma fan is very great. But I don't like to be embarrassed too.

    But sometimes we are obliged to bring along some of our children's favourite food. I know of a Malaysian lady who took in 10 kg. of belacan to Darwin. Later she and her friends made fish sauce for sale in Darwin...made a packet ! She is now a businesswoman in London...really moving up.